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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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found losses, the battle continues. we start with an accident along one no one, i will tell you exactly where it is in just a few minutes. it is to the seventh, time is 430. some developing news in the east bay where one man is recovering from gunshot swoon and an officer involved shooting. it was on the hundred and fifth avenue on the street just after 730 last night. all the police are saying is that the man that shot was in his 20s and he is in stable condition. yes information for us to put together the incident that led up to the shooting. we did not have details right now.
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this comes after many reductions in oakland and crime rates. oakland has seen an increase on crime right. family of 15 year-old wants to know more about the death in the officer involved shooting. an officer approached one team in another teen on west parr boulevard on tuesday night. police say that they were at seeing suspiciously suspiciously. it is a young man as a whole life ahead of him and was cut short by a what i believe is inappropriate please contact.
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immemorial is sucked up of the scene right now. the other teen who complied is not hurt. the battle continues, the union representing the jose yun workers said they would file a lawsuit. san jose has had to in years of deficit and many firefighters and police officers have been laid off. they said that measure b violates state law. were prepared for
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litigation as we employ this over the next year. there is no doubt about that. if this implemented here's what measure b would do. it would pay six seemed more they would be paying 15% of measure costs. measure is a victory for the mayor. gov. jerry brown has his own pension reform plan to cut the state capital. you know sacramento, of the
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move slowly. i just spoke with the leadership and they will take on it very soon. we are working on a very tough budget. we're going to get pension reform one way or another. and prop 29 is still up in the air. right now the measure is failing by 63,000 votes. thousands of many more boats are still coming to be counted. prop. 29 would raise cigarette tax. very nice to see you guys. i've been camping up in the mountains with my family. i'm glad to be back. we have some great weather ahead. high pressure is claimed to be building in between the weekend from now in.
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the bay this belt look too bad yet. temperatures running in the '40's and 50's outside. it looks like by the afternoon, some nice weather. we will see some weather clouds this afternoon but precept will stay to the north of us. let's head over to the south loop. we have a couple accidents to us report at this time. one accident is causing a little bit of the traffic there. it is causing some delays, we are seeing yellow on our censors. it is north by 85, as well as
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the no. connector to to 85. road work between we will check the peninsula in just a few minutes. back to frank. tickets start of $2,500 a played. asci he spoke to a crowd of care must be a supporters in beverly hills. he says that he would refuse step let anybody try to ban the openly gay policy hasn't stated in the people in a half million
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dollars in the two trips alone. most of the money that he's race here in california will be spent here in battleground states. the plane landed without incident at a nearby airfield. please have been unable to identify the woman sense their remains were found on may 24th near dublin canyon. she is about 5 ft. 6, hundred 30 lbs. of the time of her death. the some of her death she was wearing unique hearings in the shape of feet. and we're now hearing the memo one calls after brian's chose
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beating. we've got no response from him. the tapes were played in court yesterday at a preliminary hearing after these to accuse in his beating. we felt really betray. the bay area's version of bertie made off. berti[ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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prosecutors say his double-digit returns for various real-estate returns. kokkola and ran a real estate company and petaluma. he now he is in jail with bell set at $2 million. a jury convicted stanford in march on 13 of 14 counts for orchestrating a ponzi scheme. a busy day on capitol hill, of burning key will testify on the outlook. he will testify on euros
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unemployment's and the decimal wall street traders will hope that they will keep the momentum going. 286 points, but the best day in a year. and a tweet from star rex that has customers steaming mad and what exactly is it, how a starfish help figure out where it came from. sticking sense to us all new high, the stunning visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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a few patches of fog moving in on the coast. and should be a nice afternoon. we will talk about the in a few minutes. you are looking at live pictures where a overnight
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accident has just been cleared out. all lanes are opening. will bring you an update on that to in just a few minutes. and leon panetta is in afghanistan's right now. panetta says that everyone expected the rise in violence since nato involvement decreases. just yesterday the suicide attacks killed more than 20 people at the suicide attack in afghanistan. a review board objected to the use of batons against protesters. san francisco's mean a system is training more operators in putting more part-
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time operators to a full time. the union president says that agency a short at about 200 full-time operators. and we're learning that the city is failing to collect millions of dollars that it is shown. his city has at least $7 million in parking tickets that has not paid up. why? because the police department has not follow that. the most important issue is for it ran out to him the breakdown of this process. and then there was no follow-up on it. city officials say they're trying to figure out how to collect those fines and how to make sure they get paid.
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they say preliminary indications lead to a fire to a vacuum that cleaned areas of the ship. i have air balloon ride to celebrate an engagement send three tubal to a hospital to bella hospital. it came into contact with some power lines. all through the war expected to be ok. and in oregon, a mysterious dog has washed up along the beach. turns out is from a dock.
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a starfish was still clinging to it, in data from japan. new vaccine were even in stored with expired vaccines. and ray bradbury was a eight science fiction writer. brad berry wrote more than the 11 novels and more than 600 short stories. kuwait last drag is running out to because it is running low in its active ingredient.
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and some people do not want to way, they're buying at four to five times on line. and it was using twitter to them by people and a longtime bay area shopping mall is about to get a bum. boat, makeover. the sunny valley at the sun valley mall plans to renovate. recently business has picked up at sun valley so plans to spruce up the mall is back on board. our merchants aren't
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reporting improve sales. they're saying the pay received more improve traffic in the store. several new stores and restaurants have already opened up at the sun valley mall. larry and his wife walked on the bridge yesterday prayed he built a bridge replica on his farm. he says that to the bridge was the last thing he seen before shipping out for bid on. i finally got back to where i left it only this time under much better conditions. a big jump for the record
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bucks. rows of luck to 2,100 ft. to and according toward the guinness book of world records, the highest jump was by a couple that jumped 21,600 ft.. the enterprise never went on the actual space mission. this was a full-scale test vehicle. it was used for experiments on
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the ground. it is good to be back here. we have good weather on its way. as we looked for the afternoon, expect to see plenty of sunshine. bill be mostly clear in the valley. temperatures running in the 40's and 50's this afternoon. if you have clouds drifting overhead. some '70s for these san jose area. it looks like minor changes state in the rise in in the next day and a half or so print some of those high clouds drifting on throughout this afternoon, clipping the bay area but then
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normal called fog developing overnight. it is about 69 in hayward. as we get you inside the day we will find some '50s in daly city. the weekend plans looking good, up plenty of sunshine on our way. lots of sunshine all the way to the country. let's check out the roadways now. let's get you updated on this traffic alert id santa clara. it is affecting your but drive along northbound 101. it may have been hit by a second vehicle, a second accident may have happened in the back up.
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again chp is on scene as well as to crews. it's a bit slow as you work your way through there. caltrans is very busy. northbound onto 80 is busy. elsewhere south 1 01 will cut road construction reported there. a looks like we're seeing some delays are censored. no troubles to report as you work your way southbound 1 on one into san francisco. north of the air traffic will be very light heading towards s f o. traffic is slow and go in that
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area. we saw the kind of pattern yesterday. give yourself some extra time going through the area. right now we're going to set new the new jersey devils showed some signs of life last night. game 5 saturday, the head back to new jersey. an oklahoma city thunder are heading to the nba finals.
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a tip for major league baseball pitchers. tulley hit a batter in his hometown. don't hit my boy. that's the mother and she's clearly not pleased. harrison was not hurt. and they actually got a free back past the first base. does mitt romney have a running mate in mind? how facebook came to the rescue for this poor guy. it's not over yet, measure b is approved and now several lawsuits have been filed. police are investigating in ♪
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of unanswered questions about an officer involved shooting. voters have had their say, and now the battle over a measure b is heading to the courts we've got roadwork in the east bay as well. details on that coming up in just a few minutes. one man is injured and another one just


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